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I have dreams too you know.

Jets 20, Ravens 21            F

Redskins 9, Panthers 27          F

Dolphins 23, Jaguars 35          F

Chiefs 55, Saints 42           F 

Bucs 10, Cowboys 17           F

Lions 27, Bears 13            F 

Steelers 23, Patriots 17             F/OT

49ers 7, Eagles 38             F

Browns 20, Bengals 23            F/OT

Titans 23, Texans 6            F

Seahawks 5, Rams 10            F


Come visit me during winter break. We can see a movie or something like that. Maybe even a football game if your lucky. Remember, if you live in Florida, go no further. This is only for New Jersians. Guys from N.J., I really miss living up there. I'm probably visiting during President's Day weekend. If not then, it'll be during spring break. Der. To contact me, my phone number is(561)-775-8654. Talk to you whenever the hell I can talk to you. Wait for the oppurtunity. OK? OK. Later everyone.